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Tetra Tech

Hawai‘i County contracted with Tetra Tech in April 2019 to deliver two projects – a Recovery Strategic Plan and Volcanic Risk Mitigation Strategy.

The first involves collaborating with the County’s Kīlauea eruption Recovery Team to develop a comprehensive community relief, recovery and relocation plan focused on long-term, resilient recovery. The plan will identify solutions, near and long-term implementation actions, and financing strategies focused on housing, infrastructure, resource protection and economic well-being.

With the Volcanic Risk Mitigation Strategy, Tetra Tech will provide a robust Volcanic Risk Assessment and Mitigation Action Plan to support the Hawai‘i County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan and the Recovery Plan. This will include a comprehensive range of volcano mitigation alternatives for the County to consider in order to build resilience to future eruptions. 



Institute for Sustainable Development

Hawai‘i County and the Institute for Sustainable Development signed a one-year contract on May 8, 2019, to create an Economic Recovery Plan. The plan will provide a clear, implementable road map for job creation and both public and private investment in the Hawai‘i Island economy.