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Road Access


Lava from the 2018 Kīlauea eruption covered about 13 miles of public roads. Major roads that were inundated include Highway 132, Pohoiki Road and Highway 137. 

  • The near-term goal is to reestablish access over a temporary road to homes and farms in the kipuka (land isolated by recent lava flows) along Highway 132.
  • No schedule or timeline has been determined for Pohoiki Road, Highway 137 and Lighthouse Road.
  • Work such as the photogrammetry survey was completed for all inundated roads; however, Highway 132-related data analysis will be prioritized.
  • Both temporary and permanent routes are being evaluated, with guidance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and State regulatory agencies to ensure the County meets all necessary permitting and reimbursement requirements.
  • The Department of Public Works (DPW) is working to complete Highway 132 temporary road construction before October 5, 2019, to qualify for FHWA reimbursement.

Work In Progress & Complete - Updated Sept. 9, 2019

  • Complete: Receipt of survey work data for roadway designs and cost estimates.
  • Complete: Field work for Light Detection and Ranging (Drone) photogrammetry survey of the lava inundated roads.
  • Complete: Permitting requirements for temporary road construction, including the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Categorial Exclusion (CatEx) permit, Special Management Area (SMA) permit, and a grading permit which will be reviewed by DPW and State Historic Preservation Division.
  • In Progress: Aligning time-frames and requirements with FEMA and FHWA.
  • In Progress: Highway 132 temporary road construction began on June 10, 2019.
    • As of Sept. 9, upper section of Highway 132 (1.6 miles): rough grading work and spreading of base material, and fine grading complete. Paving with asphalt concrete base started Sept. 3 and is half complete with anticipated completion week of Sept. 16. Shoulder dressing, sign installation, and striping to follow paving work.
    • As of Sept. 9, lower section of Highway 132 (1.5 miles): rough grading complete. Crushing and spreading of base material ongoing. Fine grading started Sept. 5 and is ongoing. Shoulder dressing, sign installation and striping to follow paving work and should take about a month.  
  • Required: Property owners responses to the previously sent right of entry letters; for properties abutting Highway 132 and Pohoiki Road that may require limited entry on their property for road construction.

Estimated Schedule (Subject to Change)

  • May-September 2019: Receipt of survey work data for road construction design completion.
  • June-October 2019: Construction of Highway 132 temporary road. 
    • DPW is seeking a time extension from FHWA to accommodate delays due to temperatures that exceed recommended levels for the installation of asphalt-treated base.
    • DPW is exploring a phased approach to opening sections of the roadway as they are completed.
    • No public access will be permitted on Highway 132 until it is officially inspected, completed and accepted.


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