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Recovery Milestones

Timeline of Recovery Accomplishments

As follows are recovery milestones to date along with future anticipated milestones.

  • Recovery priorities and an interim expenditure plan are also outlined in the Kīlauea Eruption: Recovery Fact Sheet.
  • The County will continue to adapt its interim expenditure plan to address near term priorities and implement long-term plans, while continuing to seek new funding opportunities.

2018-19 Completed Milestones

Spring 2018

  • Eruption begins
  • Immediate County, neighbor to neighbor, and HI-DARRT response to emergency and shelter need
  • Presidential Major Disaster Declaration
  • Mayor assigns recovery team

Summer 2018

  • Eruption ceases at Fissure 8
  • Federal/State recovery funding sought
  • Governor provides $12M for disaster relief
  • Unemployment/employment benefits
  • Shelters close

Fall 2018

  • 6-month wait begins to ensure safety and confirm eruption end
  • Kūkulu Hou housing fair
  • HI-DARRT and community partners continue outreach and health, human service, and housing support

Winter 2018-19

  • Governor provides $10M for relief and planning
  • Public call for road access
  • Hwy 137/Issac Hale reopening ceremony
  • Eruption recovery email messaging launch
  • Pāhoa Aquatic Center reopening
  • Eruption recovery interim webpage launch
  • Community, County, and PGV collaborate to restore road access

Spring 2019

  • 6-month wait ends given no eruptive activity
  • Puna business recovery workshops
  • $60M State Legislature appropriation: $20M subsidy for relief, recovery, mitigation, and remediation assistance and $40M loan intended to match federal infrastructure grants
  • Consultants for volcanic risk mitigation, economic recovery, and recovery plan on board
  • Priority Recovery Goals affirmed by Puna CDP Action Committee
  • Begin road construction: Hwy 132 temporary access
  • Recovery full website launch

Summer 2019

2019-20 Anticipated Milestones

Summer 2019

  • Case Management via FEMA grant

Fall 2019

  • Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) - possible funding application opens
  • Kīlauea Eruption Risk Assessment (KERA)
  • Complete road construction: Hwy 132 temporary access
  • CDBG-DR submittal

Winter 2019

  • Recovery Strategic Plan includes: economic recovery, volcanic mitigation, and CDBG-DR action plans
  • Ongoing implementation
  • Continue to seek funding sources

View the Kīlauea Eruption: Recovery Fact Sheet


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